Monday, March 28, 2011

hello darkness my old friend

Earth Hour 2011

No lights on for an hour.  Illuminating my way through my rooms with a beautiful candle made for me by the young sweet Amelia.  Feeling embraced by the darkness inside and outside my home and across the world. All we needed to do is turn off our electric lights.
How much of what we have is so much more than is needed.  Too much light.  Too much noise.  Too much tv.  Too many papers and boxes and books and things.
The quiet and the darkness allow me to consider what I do have, and what are my true needs.  To be with family, in spirit when not in person.  To be healthy. 

The tragedy at Fukushima and throughout the Sendai area, now the poisons that are seeping to harm many more.  But mostly the devastation from the initial earthquake's tsunami is what has affected me so deeply.  To lose everything, every piece of furniture, every part of one's home, and, most especially, to lose family members, neighbors, the entire town itself.  All gone, in an instant.

And then to begin again.  From one's own being, one's own life.

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