Tuesday, April 13, 2010

reconnecting with earth 1 wild nature

The interconnectedness of everything, not just the living, but also the living parts of the past, on earth and above earth, seeing a miracle, said Loren Eiseley.

The badlands appear to be lifeless, but in fact hold all the particles of life: 
carbon black on the stone, iron in the clays, phosphorus from brain, calcium from bones and teeth still intact.
The rocks are full of life, and can speak to us, not at all inanimate.  They hold the history of the earth.  The birds fly over the land that the humans have, for the most part, abandoned.  It is all part of the whole, including the light from the moon illuminating all.

To bring awareness of wildness into my life, more consistently and deeply.
To be aware of the secret of seeing.
To allow the discipline of clearing the mind that will give room for the possibility of illumination.

Currently participating in a six-part discussion course, with appreciation to Jim Crowfoot, to fellow students, all themselves teachers, to Michigan Friends Center.

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