Thursday, July 3, 2008

After the Rainstorm

How beautiful after the rainstorm. A gorgeous fulfilling rain last night. Not so much lightening as would have been expected – perhaps in other areas, but a lot of distant thunder rolling through. The initial front, the line of severest storms, taking down branches, leaves, swaying trees. Fast fast moving, they said 60 miles/hour with heavy winds. Beautiful sound. My cats with different personalities. B&W Patience knowing immediately upon the arrival of the storm and searching for under a bed or the basement for protection and for hiding until it had fully passed. My grey Jasmine excited, as was I, coming to the open screened window, enjoying the sounds and sights as much as I did, perching on the window sill to take it in and watch. This is one of the joys of having my bed next to the open window – hearing and smelling and feeling the energy of the world outside, and yet still staying in the comfort and protection of my home, my bed. The wind became too strong, and I did need to partly shut the window because the rain was blowing in on me, but opening it again, for the latter part of the storm. After the initial twenty minutes of fierce wind and rain, the slow constant, continuing rainfall for the next several hours, giving me lovely sleep and comfort.

This morning waking up to a soft continuing patter of very gentle raindrops still making their impressions on the puddles outside. Both cats excited to go out. The fresh smells of the trees and grass after the rain. A continued slight greyness as the sun rises behind the clouds and the birds re-emerge.

My awareness of what happens in my miniature backyard is so limited compared to what Patience and Jasmine know and hear and smell, and yet, I am grateful for how increased is my own awareness as a result of the wonderful Tracking classes and my own ears and eyes being opened to the gifts the plants and animals and weather give us all the time, with or without our acknowledgment. During this wonderful and powerful storm (our electricity only went out twice, and then not for long), where do each of the many creatures in my backyard burrow? How do they stay dry if not warm? Where exactly do they find shelter? I know so little. Even the watermelon plant that I received from the Community Farm: It amazes me that with the battering of the severe rain and wind, this morning, the strong stems of the little plants will reassert themselves and stand upright again, waiting with great patience for the sun, when it does reappear, to nourish them along with the gorgeous and soaking rain.

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